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Booth Information

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As an exhibitor, you are allowed to set up your own exhibit booth, as long as you use your own full-time employees (“FTE”). If you require assistance, other than your FTEs, in transporting your materials to your booth, you must use labor provided by your event’s Pre-Qualified Decorator (“Decorator”). If you require labor to assist with the set-up/tear-down of your booth, you must use the labor provided by the event’s Decorator. If your event does not have a Decorator, then you must contact your Event Coordinator from the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium, who will assist you in placing a labor order.

I plan to sell retail items at my booth, do I need to apply for a permit?

Yes, the Indiana Department of Revenue requires exhibitors selling goods (new or used) to register and submit a Business Tax Application for sales tax. All exhibitors selling products or tangible items are required to collect the Indiana state sales tax (currently 7%) and declare it to the IDOR. Presently, a $25.00 business registration fee applies. Please visit to register and for additional information.

What does the Health Department require for sampling or cooking in my booth?

Centerplate has the exclusive food and beverage distribution rights within ICCLOS; however, we understand that certain conventions have, as their primary purposes, the preparation and consumption of food and beverage.  Please refer to section 6.2 in our Facility Guide for complete information. The Marion County Health Department (MCHD) requires a license to cook, hold and serve food. All exhibitors sampling or cooking must register with the Marion County Health Department and operate in accordance with 410 IAC 7-24 of the MCHD.  Rules, regulations and the registration form can be found at this link : MCHD.


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